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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | June 28, 2022

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Emma le Strange's first exhibition "Within"

Emma le Strange’s first exhibition “Within”

| On 07, Nov 2013

Emma le Strange’s premiere exhibition Within may have just concluded, but for Emma, it is two things: the start of something wonderful, and the end of a more painful chapter.

Her highly emotive illustrations, which employ conte crayons on paper, are partly the result of years of health hardships, of pain and struggle, and, eventually, of relief.

As Emma, who described herself as “strong willed and fragile” explained, her workings, which have a strong focus on hands and the elegantly twisted bodies of her two muses (friends Daria and Travis), were built strongly on the emotions she felt at her worst.

Emma le Strange at Within

Emma le Strange at Within

After enduring osteomyelitis, followed not long after by a freak internal parasite which caused not solely physical stress but hallucinations too, Emma made the decision to do what she had been “waiting” to do for some time.

“I think without knowing it, I do put a lot of emotion into the artwork, and I’d like to hope that the public can sort of get that sense of feeling from it,” she said.

“It’s a journey, and suddenly at the end I look at what I’ve drawn and go wow… I can do art.”

Formally a chemistry student, it’s easy to see how Emma’s first art exhibition was something she needed to accomplish – and that is certainly something worth celebrating.

With regard to the future, Emma said she’d love to one day possess her own gallery and studio space – but that’s the long term goal.

In the short term, she said she was a little “over” drawing hands, and ready to move onto bigger projects, which she’ll initiate by applying for a Brisbane Arts Council grant.

If she receives the grant, Emma plans to follow six burlesque dancers to their shows around Brisbane, photograph them there and at a choreographed photo shoot, and hopefully use oil paints to portray them on paper.

Eventually her goal would be to have her paintings put on display at the Powerhouse, alongside a physical theatre performance by the dancers.

“I’d just love people to have my art work – love it to bits.”


In the mean time, you can see Emma’s works, and the poem she wrote as an aside to her exhibit, by following the links below.


Within poem: