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The Creative Issue – News for Creatives | November 27, 2021

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Platform 2013 at Metro Arts

Platform 2013 at Metro Arts

| On 14, Aug 2013

Platform is an exhibition showcasing a mixture of established Brisbane-based artists, held each year at Metro Arts in the CBD.

This year, Metro Arts and Jan Manton are co-hosting the event, beginning on August 15, which will feature works by Shayle Flesser, photography artist Carl Warner, Indonesian and Chinese artists Jumaadi and Miao Xiaochun respectively, and Judith Wright – not to be confused with the poet after which the Valley’s Judith Wright Centre is named.

As part of the Annual Galleries program, Platform is all about bringing large, often wall-based installations that have already been on display in other parts of the world back to buzzing little Brisbane.

For example, new media artist Xiaochun’s video works Restart and Disillusion (click here to see a clip) were not long ago on display at the 54th International Art Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. 

If that means nothing to you, than know that the Biennale is kind of a big deal in the art world:  it’s only held every two years, it’s the largest and oldest art exhibit/festival in the world, and  The Venice Film Festival is a part of it.

That aside (pff Venice is lame), if attending the event you can also expect to see Jumaadi’s 13 bronze sculptures accompanied by works on paper, each one a symbolic representation of the metaphoric weights we as people carry around.

Then there’s the large-scale urban landscape and natural environment photographs by Warner, and Flesser’s dexterous pencil-on-paper depictions of small and large forest animals often brought together with human faces, arms, and other body parts (the kind of stuff you might see on a Typo birthday card, but finer).

Finally, we have Judith Wright, whose eclectic installations will be from her continuing series titled Destination (see here), which was recently on show at the 18th Biennale of Sydney.

The summary of this story? Brisbane needs its own biennale, but in the mean time, head to Platform – it’s free!


What Platform 2013

Where Metro Arts, Level 2, 109 Edward St in the city

When August 15 – 31, with an Artist Forum on Aug 21 at 6pm and Exhibition Tours lead by Jan Manton on Aug 15 and 22 at 11am

Cost Free!

Website Visit the Metro Arts website